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GE GPC Placemark Template Directions -
Here are some directions for deciphering the code in the template. I've highlighted the text where you can substitute your information for the placeholder text.

GE GPC Placemark Template -
*This template can be used if you don't want to create your own. All you have to do is to insert your text for the placeholder text and also insert your image for the placeholder image. The placemark is programmed to expand to hold your text. However, be concise. Placemarks are there to interest people in the topic. If you have a lot of information you want to share, you might think about linking to an outside source. You could also create a page on this wiki and link to that page.

Topic Coordinator
Description, info needed
====.kmz file for layer====
Plate Tectonics


Igneous Rocks
Joe Summerour
Location info for igneous rock samples in the GPC - Covington Geology Lab or photos of igneous rocks (or related subjects)

Bill Witherspoon
World Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Plate Boundaries, and Relief Map from various sources

Weathering and Soil

Sedimentary Rocks
Joe Summerour
Location info for sedimentary rock samples in the GPC - Covington Geology Lab or photos of sedimentary rocks (or related subjects)

Joe Summerour
Location info for sand samples in the GPC - Covington collection

Joe Summerour
Location info for metamorphic rock samples in the GPC - Covington Geology Lab or photos of metamorphic rocks (or related subjects)

Geologic Time

Structural Geology
Polly Bouker


Earth's Interior



Mass Wasting


Groundwater and Karst
Tom Cooper
Location of caves and other karst formations, such as surface pinnacles


Cisely Marshall

Deniz Ballero

Climate Change

Earth's Change Through Geologic Time

Ellen Augustine (mining)

We can add more later!